The Importance of the Exhale

Never underestimate the power of the breath. Seemingly such a simple, understated medium, yet the breath is everything – it is our life and it composes and expresses the quality of our life. In hatha yoga one is taught to lengthen the exhale before lengthening the inhale. There is an important reason for this. The exhale is a grounding, landing, relaxing movement. If we create space for our exhale to travel all the way to the base of our spine it will afford a deep relaxation allowing our body to melt into the earth. In exhaling we find our land, our belonging, our safety. To echo Thomas Hubl, we can relax into the ground of our being. And from this place of belonging we can then bare the fruits of the inhale – our creative force. We must first be grounded, rooted and stable before we can thrive.


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