Life as Sacred

To live life as sacred is to honour life. All life – from the food I prepare to eat, to how I eat, to taking a shower, to speaking with a friend, to making love, to how I approach work, study and everything I do. If I am ever unsure about what to do: should I have sex? should I speak with that person? or how should I relate to them? and so on, then the more important question is will these actions honour my life and life in general. By this I mean will they enhance or diminish my life force, and life force in general – for all life force shares the same essence. A therapist once told me the question is whether something is on the side of life; whether it is life affirming. And my teacher has said that the sacred is 100% commitment to life. To understand whether something is life affirming, enhancing and so on is to tune into how it feels not just in the moment, but to become sensitive to what that moment will produce. To eat junk food, have a few too many drinks, have sex with some I am attracted to but who does not care for me, may feel great in the moment, but ultimately it weakens life, or in the words of my teacher, weakens my immune system. If these impulses come from the place of addiction, they come from the place of lack and therefore are divorced from life – for life in its reality is abundant. I need to become skilled at feeling what is on the side of life. This is not about morals – shoulds and shouldn’ts. It is about ethics – how to live well, relate well, so that I become more and more aligned to life force – the creative energy of the universe. This ethics is not accessed in an abstract way through the mind, but deeply embodied. When I embody this ethics from a place of intuitive knowing, my decisions will be effortless such that I will not even question what to do, for the question no longer exists. I will understand from the outset the direction of my movement. Indeed, because this movement will be aligned to life force, it will not even appear as conscious choice, rather a creative emergence.

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