Boat Pose

Through yoga we become intimate with life and realise our generative power.

Generative power is creative. It is our life force that we share with all nature. Through yoga we can understand ourselves as nature. The studio is named Generative Yoga to underline our fundamental being as nature, and also because yoga supports that which we desire to generate/ create.

I understand yoga as a movement-meditation the most essential aspects of which are breath, heart and presence.  I consider yoga a practice for every body, every day that enables us to realise the beauty and brilliance of life that we always already are and our emergent creativity.

Yoga also enables us to make space for that which is difficult and dark within us, so slowly, slowly it can be held, integrated and released. Somedays when we practice  the so-called ‘negative’ will come up or be with us even before we begin. These darker aspects of experience should be honoured just as much as the lighter aspects. Yoga is a way to honour all of our experience – that which moves through us – so that we may integrate this experience and recognise our fundamental stillness.

I have been teaching yoga for 5 years. My intention as teacher is to support my students in becoming deeply embodied, where they are connected to their heart-space, vitality and inner wisdom. My more recent teaching in meditation is an extension and deepening of this intention.

Simona Schmidt, PhD.

Generative Yoga Class 1