Generative Yoga at Work

Generative Yoga 10 class term brought to your workspace.

These classes form an accretional sequence across a 10 week period.
They are designed to suit the beginner to the advanced student. They can be adjusted to be more gentle or more dynamic depending on how you are feeling, where you are in your practice, and your particular body.

I refer to the yoga I teach as ‘hatha flow’. I take the fundamentals of hatha yoga and merge them with an intuitive fluidity. I encourage students to listen to their body and tailor the yoga I offer to suit their needs.

Yoga supports and cultivates well-being. It improves concentration and mental clarity. It generates peace, creativity, energy and joy, and very simply can untangle the knotted body that spends a large portion of the day hunched over the computer.

The 10 week term costs $150 per student. (N.B. This cost may vary depending upon the agreement made with the workspace.)