Honouring the heart

Sometimes we think honouring the heart requires us to give, and connect to others. This can keep us stuck in patterns where we over-reach, or give in such a way that it is not received.This is a dishonouring of the heart. We become depleted, exhausted. This is a sign to turn inwards and listen to the heart. As we turn inwards we begin to feel our heart’s warmth and the deep rest and nourishment it provides. As we rest in the heart, we become aware of our life energy radiating. We understand that we are this life energy. We can be simultaneously tired and rest in the heart-space, as well as beautifully alive. Turning inwards and reconnecting with our heart-space, we honour the heart. Honouring our heart we can we can honour the hearts of others, not over-give or over-reach, but effortlessly meet in the gentle heart’s glow.

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